The first in a crown series I am doing.  This particular one is underwater themed, you could call it Queen of the Sea, perhaps?  I'm a huge fan of making my own props, for lots of reasons 1. it get's my brain working in a different creative way (gives it a new challenge & a break from the norm) 2.  It always ends up saving me money 3.  It always surprises people 4.  Props to use again in the future! 

The crown and the tentacle were my own craft nut creations, I'll break them down below. 

From left to right:

  1. The beautiful Jordan helping me get a reference on how the tentacle might look on her, I used a bendable wire and wrapped news paper around it and tape to secure it, then molded it to her shoulder.
  2. Paper mache over the basic shape, I made it huge at the one end that wouldn't be seen, and eh, there was no need to do that.  I should of made it thinner and more flat at that end, so it could lay over her shoulder easier, instead I had to have someone hidden behind her to hold that end so the tentacle wouldn't fall off of her.
  3. I did a base coat of white and then with pencil I sketched where the red would be painted, blending it with whites where the suction cups would go.  The suction cups are actually white smarties that I picked up at the dollar store and brushed them with some red. 
  4. Found the perfect shells and fish net at Michaels, costing me less than $15 with coupons.  I also found a reference of coral that I later mimicked with a hot glue gun (saving me $12)
  5. Ok, BIG lesson learned on this part.  I used a cookie sheet to design my coral for the crown.  You HAVE to have a releasing agent so the hot glue will actually come off (learned this the hard way the first time around) cooking spray works perfect for this!  Spray a piece of paper towel and then rub it all over the back of the cookie sheet.  Spraying the cookie sheet directly is too much, trust me.
  6. I let the hot glue dry and than peeled it off the cookie sheet, no problem.  Followed by two more.
  7. Pay attention to what type of paint you use, some were more translucent, so I had to base it with white.  I did each set of coral a different shade and then tied them all in with a pearl shine.
  8. I then laid out the coral and figured out the placement of the shells.  I didn't photograph it, but I took wire and made it into a circle for the base and layered it with hot glue.  Made it easier to attach everything onto it because of the glue foundation. 

Here's a little video of the finished crown.