I'm Alicia thanks for stopping by...


1. I love nostalgia & many times will incorporate some sort of vintageness to my work.

2. I'm an artist with a camera, post work is where I really get to express & display my vision.

3. I'm a sucker for doing self-portraits & have quite the collection of wigs.

4. I talk to my plants

5. Whenever I see a classic VW Beetle I have to take a picture of it. 

6. I prefer natural light over studio.

7. I'm the first generation Montanian in my family.

8. I'm a craft nut.  I create a lot of my own props & actually have an etsy store where I mainly sell vw globes.

9. I have a white streak of hair that's natural but I like to accentuate by making the streak bigger.

10. One of the best compliments is when someone confuses my picture for being taken in another decade.